Fresh Skincare tasked Inkwell with fueling their Sugar Sport product line by creating aspirational content with influential athletes and showcasing the content through an organic content campaign.

We assembled a crew that included athletes and photographers with a passion for the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle to create 3 videos and supporting photography telling their story and what Sport Your Sugar means to them.


12,000,000 TOTAL REACH



The team consisted of alpinist/photographer Jimmy Chin, surfer Coco Ho, surfer/photographer Brooke Dombroski and skier Sierra Quitiquit. Additionally, Inkwell brought in photographers and other athletes to help create the content and share it through social media.

This combination made for not only an able group of influential athletes, but also a powerful collection of social media influencers.

Collectively, this group has over 3.2 million fans on social media and reaches over 15 million people each month on average.



Timing was on our side with a snow storm hitting the Wasatch Range in Utah just before our shoot with Sierra making for near perfect snow conditions.

Sunshine and a good swell came together for shooting with Coco in Hawaii and Jimmy was able to integrate the product into a series of alpine ascents giving us a great mix of content to work with.

All 3 content-creation trips ultimately came together really well and created an incredible opportunity for us to showcase Sugar Sport at it’s finest in winter and summer!



#SportYourSugar video and photography was shared on social media by the crew. Additionally, Fresh was able to feature the video, interviews and photography on their website and social, fueling user generated content and overall product awareness to their fans and followers.

Timing is key to creating a story across so many social media platforms, so our team meticulously coordinated the launch of #SportYourSugar content from social media feeds of the athletes and photographers to achieve maximum reach and engagement.



The campaign is a huge success for Fresh Skincare and will continue to deliver through circulating social media.

Content from this campaign has reached nearly 12 million people and garnered over 290 thousand likes, comments and shares so far. Nearly 1.2 thousand people have commented on the 55 published images/video that we shared.

Fan Comments


“Can’t wait to try this”

“Love this!”


“Very nice Coco!”

“I want to be there!!”