Carter Andrews

Carter Andrews is not into fishing for recreation, money, fame or records. He is into fishing because he has no choice. He is the victim of an all-consuming obsession—one that has him on the water 300 days a year, from Panama to the Snake River; the Louisiana Gulf Coast to Russia. The power of his obsession is strong enough to reverberate through incredible television stories and even social media, where fans can participate with him. Watch The Obsession of Carter Andrews, and see for yourself how driven one man can be.

140 Miles Out – TEASER

The three day trip to the Costa Rican’ sea mounts 140 miles off shore continues as Carter Andrews fishes with Maverick Sport Fishing and the famous Spanish Fly fishing team for Blue Marlin in record numbers.

Scores of Mullet – TEASER

With acres of mullet on the move, Carter Andrews relies on a network of friends to pinpoint schools that are migrating along the South Florida coast.  With the right technique they may have a chance at catching the predators.

River of Gold – TEASER

When it comes to freshwater fly fishing, few species compare to the Golden Dorado.  Carter Andrews travels deep into the Bolivian jungle with Untamed Angling to fish the pristine freestone rivers.