Travel Alberta tasked Inkwell with showcasing the adventure opportunities and natural beauty of Alberta.

We assembled a crew that included writers, athletes and photographers to document the adventures that the Canadian Rockies have to offer around Banff, Alberta.

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The Team

Lead by Jimmy Chin, the project crew included Grayson Schaffer, Kalen Thorien, Tatum Monod, Will Gadd, Sonnie Trotter and Callum Snape. This combination made for not only an able group of adventurers, but also a powerful collection of social media influencers.

The Creative

Alberta’s diverse landscapes gave us ample opportunity to showcase a variety of dramatic scenery and outdoor activities. Over the course of two trips, the crew was able to document multiple adventures in winter and in summer.

Media Strategy

Timing is key to creating a story across so many social media platforms, so our team meticulously coordinated the launch of #ExploreAlberta content from social media feeds of the athletes, photographers and media companies to achieve maximum reach and engagement.

The Results

The campaign resulted in a monumental success for Travel Alberta. Content from our two trips reached nearly 500 million people and garnered over 2.5 million likes, comments and shares. More than 40,000 people commented on the 100 images that we shared.


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